Benue Threatens To Raise Own Army Against Killer Herdsmen

Paul Unongo

*Issues Two Weeks Ultimatum

The Chairman of the Northern Elders Forum and leader of the Tiv nation, Paul Unongo, has unveiled plans by people of the state to raise their own army against killer herdsmen and had issued a two-week to that effect.

Unonok said the people of Benue deserves their own army in the event of failure by President Muhammadu Buhari in his constitutional responsibility of protecting lives and property of Benue State citizens.

Unongo said this during the mass burial of 73 persons killed by Fulani herdsmen in Benue State on Thursday.

He said: “If the Federal Government cannot stop or arrest those behind the killings, in two weeks, we shall raise an army of our own.

“Benue people sacrificed blood for the unity of this country and will not allow a section of Fulani herdsmen to kill our people in cold blood.

“I am telling Nigerians that my people cannot continue to be cannon fodder for this country.

“If the government can’t protect us, we will mobilise and train our people into an army to defend us.

“We are 100 per cent in support of what Governor Samuel Ortom has done.

“I am the spiritual and ancestral leader of the Tiv nation.

“Enough is enough.

“We cannot allow people to colonise us again.

“We have all it takes to do that.”



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