Unbelievable though it seems, but Multichoice, the owners of digital satellite TV DSTv has made a announced that it would no longer charge a penny for the subscription of its channels.

The Chief Executive Officer of Multichoice made this known during the company y’s General Meeting in Johannesburg on Thursday

“We are from today providing all our packages for free. Anyone with our decoders could access all premium channels for free. No more subscription”

He added that, this offer is not limited to South Africa but to all countries where DSTv is accessed and is available to all existing and new subscribers.

“If your decoder is not able to access for free, visit the nearest Multichoice shop with your decoder for manual setups.” – he concluded.

The decision of Multichoice to stop charging for subscription would be received with joy in Nigeria where the South African has been cutting its largest deal with massive subscription, just as Nigerians pay exorbitantly to enjoy full bouquet of the channels.

It is not known yet when the free subscription of DSTV Channels will begin to take effect in Nigeria.

DSTv is the largest digital satellite TV in Africa and a great competitor in the world.