Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose on Tuesday caused a stair at a local food joint in Abuja where he went to have his afternoon meal, unaccompanied by the retinue of his aides, including security details.

Fayose, who had with him only two of his friends, arrived at the food joint popularly called Iya Oyo located at Wuye at about 2.45 pm, and walked calmly to take a seat almost unnoticed.

The governor had taken his seat before guests at the local buka noticed his presence just as he immediately signaled to waiters to take his order.

Almost everybody present at the Iya Oyo Buka immediately became spectators when fayose was served with four wraps of a popular Yoruba swallow, amala and ewedu with goat meat, while the governor balanced on the food which he devoured to the admiration of the spectators.

Fayose, all the while cared less that he was the center of attraction at the mama put joint, just as others who were just coming in took seats very close to him.

The governor began to amuse other guests at the buka when he was seen licking his fingers consciously to give an impression that he was enjoying the meal and was in the process chatting occasionally with the friend who accompanied him.

It was apparent that the amused guests at the buka were delighted by Fayose’s simple comportment and calmness while eating, even as many of them dropped their morsels and spoons to regale the feeding mannerism of the south-west governor who they felt took them by surprise.

Most interestingly, Fayose was not allowed to pay for the meal since he met one of his old friends who wrote of the bill as a mark of honour for the visiting governor.

A male waiter who served the governor put the total bill he incurred at N1, 800, disclosing that the friend he met also offset the bill of the aides who accompanied him.

Speaking with Newspot Nigeria, the waiter said it was not the first time Fayose was having his afternoon meal at the buka, recalling that the Ekiti State governor had been there about three times earlier.

He recalled also that the last time Fayose visited the food joint was after he won the election as the governor and on arriving Abuja, made the buka his first port of call.

No sooner Fayose ended  with his meal than admirers besieged him for photoshots, while many with smart phones took some selfies with him.

The governor, however, did not indicate that he was in a hurry to storm out of the place as he obliged everyone who requested photo shots with him the opportunity to do so.

He was said to have driven to the local food joint in Abuja straight from the Ekiti state governor’s lodge at Asokoro in Abuja.

Fayose had hosted a meeting of a faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi at the governor’s lodge the previous day.