*As DPR Sanctions Petrol Stations For Hoarding FuelSome Motorists in Plateau state had a good day on Wednesday as the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) allowed them to take petrol free of charge in form of sanction it imposed on petrol stations noted to have hoarded the product.

The DPR had earlier warned petrol dealers nationwide not to hoard the product, vowing to punish such dealers by selling the fuel they hoarded free to motorists.

During a monitoring exercise by the DPR in Jos, some fuel stations found selling the product above the recommended government price of 87 Naira were sealed.

The Operations Controller of the DPR, Caesar Douglas, explained that some of the marketers have been engaging in illegal activities ranging from hoarding, selling above government approved prices, as well as diverting petroleum products and operating without license.

At one of the service stations, the officials discovered that over 4,000 litres of petrol kept in the underground storage tank was not dispensed to the public, while they were also selling at 145 Naira per litre.

In November, about 23 fuel stations were sealed off in the state for various offences during an inspection exercise carried out by the organisation.