The Will of the People must Prevail

By Chief Olabode George

The Nigerian nation is now at the threshold of history. The rescheduled election coming up this Saturday will be a watershed which will define the crucial contents of the continuity of the Nigerian Union.

We cannot afford to fail. I urge our people to go out peacefully on Saturday to perform their civic duties. They should not be hindered by any threat of violence or the alleged shoot at sight instruction emanating from any quarter.

We live in a democracy. The rule of law does not only prevail but must be seen to be the abiding guidance of all our activities.

The Nuremberg Trials of 1945 to 1946 are instructive about what constitutes the moral and the immoral military order.

There is no hiding place upon the face of the earth for anyone who commits a crime against humanity.

The role of the military is to protect and preserve the integrity of our fragile institutions. Our people should have faith in the ability of our Armed Forces to strengthen our values and to protect lives and properties. They must never be seen as constituting a danger to our collective liberty. The will of the people must always

⁃ Chief Olabode George
⁃ Atọna Odua of Yorubaland