A “Shameless Woman” Now@50! A Toast For Olanibi Abosede Olumide Fusika—Babatunde Olabodede


By Babatunde Olabodede aka olabobo

That’s the adjective employed yesterday by a husband, to describe his wife who turned 50!
I looked at the gorgeously attired celebrant who exuded just about anything admirable but shame, and marvelled at what tenacity had birthed through her; what a woman of substance, her relentless refusal to despise her days of small beginning, had turned her into!

And, as if to rekindle the already overflowing love in her marriage, and perhaps (again) torment those competitors who must have lost her to her lucky husband, her slimmer and nicer frame could scarcely betray the number of children she solidly has in her quiver!


I’d leave the Master of Ceremony for the beautiful occasion to narrate how the celebrant practically hugged her way into the venue- contrary to the common practice of dancing in in a grand style, with a retinue of well-wishers…but she eventually danced in.

The ‘shameless woman’ is married to a popular lawyer- a S.A.N. for that matter! Her hubby had everything going on fine for him and did stridently warn his wife never to bother to engage in any work or trade, but to just concentrate on taking care of the family; the instruction she supposedly readily agreed to, with no wink or argument. But seest thou a smart and diligent woman who knows how to answer her man?!

As the story went, in the course of years, now solidly married to her husband, the wife surreptitiously turned her husband’s Odyssey Honda van into a phone hawking shop, right inside the very busy and riotous Ikeja Computer Village! Trust the gossip mill never to lose out on any hot gists, not long after she started the hushed endeavour, the husband got the tale of his wife’s escapades! That was how her ‘shameful deed’ got exposed…her bid to soil her husband’s family name- a name preserved and untainted for many generations!

Instead of bruising her ego and murdering her entrepreneurial drive at infancy, the husband eventually got her a proper shop from where she could more decently carry on her budding phone business- a shop, as the audience was told, she never used! It seemed she already knew the tricks and nuances of her trade, and discerned how not to allow her husband’s demand for decency summarily kill her budding business, which perhaps had better chance of thriving through street hawking than by occupying a shop space located in some indistinct corner!

She’s since prospered! Today, she’s the proud owner of Fussytech- a phone selling and servicing company, in the ilk of Slot. Her destination is still far ahead, as she’s still loaded with lofty ideas and plans that will begin to unfold in her 50s and beyond.

Here are the conclusions of the whole matter:
There’s no shame in hard labour that puts food on your table!
There’s no shame in that small beginning that helps you preserve your self-dignity which an average beggar loses as soon as he extends his hands for alms.
Nay, no wife should relax at home and suffer the shame of asking her husband for a stipend to buy a common underwear!
The true shame flows from your refusal to take your own destiny in your own hands- even as a wife- so that, instead of being a stipend collector (with all your spouse’s ‘attitudes’ that go with it!), you should rather be a proud contributor to the financial fortune of your marriage.

How sweet it all felt yesterday, as I watched her blush ceaselessly at her husbands cute narration of her doggedness. Accolades poured in from many who had experienced her very endearing qualities and found her worthy of honour!

There’s always dignity in labour, and there’s no iota of shame in failing while you’re still trying.
The actual failure comes from either your outright refusal to try, or staying down on the dirty and lonely floor of errors of judgement while trying, afraid to make yet another mistake. Your mistakes are only a discovery of methods that wouldn’t work, but if you don’t relent, you’re bound to find the right road to success, some day!

I hereby say my congratulations to our own very dear Mrs. Fusika @50! Thanks for giving us a cute example of a shameless wife!
May your years ahead be much more glorious, with what looked like a shameful endeavour in the past becoming the delight of many generations to come!


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