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About Us

Newspot Nigeria

Newspotng is an endeavour for attaining a reassuring splash of modern day journalism, using the social media to reach a disproportionate audience that has for long craved for difference in Journalism practice. Created to offer a good blend of elements in the changing world of journalism, is specifically to bridge the gap between the conventional media and the growing social media, special packaging of news reports and features on socio economic and political events in Nigeria, across Africa and the rest of the world. Ethics of Journalism is the abiding code of operation for the Newspot Nigeria in which case publishable materials are subjected to professionalism and good timing, to gain the confidence of the reading public. Succinctly, the interests of men and women, young, old and all strata of the society on news, current affairs, relationship, family, love, fashion, sports and others would be adequately mirrored by the Newspot Nigeria 24/7, while a sense of belonging to all would be fully guaranteed.