Prof. Yemi Akinkuotu, Dean, Faculty of Education, Lagos State University, LASU, has called for the dismissal of any lecturer found culpable of involving in ‘sex-for-grades’ in the nation’s tertiary institutions.

Akinkuotu made this call in an interview with PM News, at the Ojo campus of the institution, Lagos.

A Senior Lecturer, Dr. Boniface Igbenegbu of the Faculty of Art, University of Lagos, Akoka, was recently caught on camera in a BBC blew documentary making sexual demands of a student seeking admission into the institution.

According to Akinkuotu, it is discouraging and unfortunate that issues of ‘sex-for-grades’ had become rampant in our tertiary institutions.

The don, however, said the dismissal of any staff involving in ‘sex-for-grades’ or any other immoral acts will wash the system clean.

He said, “Let me tell you, this is not a new thing, it happens everywhere even in LASU. What I’m trying to tell you is that teachers are human beings and in the gathering of human beings, there are bad eggs. If you bring ten people together, one would be.”

“This thing is discouraging but it is good that it is happening, we are catching them and the immediate action is to throw them out of the system. If you are not qualified to be in the system, then you go away because I begin to think we are not in the animal kingdom,” he said.

“I don’t see it as an embarrassment, to be frank, I see it as an opportunity to was the system clean,” he added.

Akinkuotu said that lecturers are supposed to act as parents to the students, adding that being in a position of authority does not give them the right to molest their students.

“This student is your child, these students are your children. You are local parents to them. If they do anything like not well dressed, you are to correct them but you should not go as far as having an affair with them because they are your children.”

Akinkuotu also called on the federal government to make available needed equipment and training in terms of technology advancement in almost every level of its education system.

He said it was only natural that only teachers who were well-equipped, trained and motivated with mastery of the subject matter, could be effective in the classrooms.

“Teachers are not born, teachers are trained and if somebody is lagging behind in modern technology, train him and those that cannot cope then should be dealt with. But the point is to give them the opportunity to try.”

“If somebody can go to school and learn to become a teacher, what is in modern technology that he cannot learn?

“You see when you talk of modern technology, it is more pronounced in teaching, we no longer gather students together and start talking, you can teach from your office, a thousand students, and you can give your questions or continuous assessments online.”

“Teachers are used to all these but it is when the government what to give an excuse for not taking good care of the teachers, they tell you that teachers are not vast in modern technology, what do you mean? Who is in charge of teaching modern technology, are they not the teachers? he asked.

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