In early 2020, a new kind of virus began generating headlines all over the world because of the unprecedented speed of its transmission.

From its origins in a food market in Wuhan, China in December 2019 to countries as far-flung as the United States and the Philippines, the virus (officially named COVID-19) has infected tens of thousands, with a rising death toll now over 2,000.

But in spite of the global panic in the news about this virus, you’re unlikely to contract COVID-19 unless you’ve been in contact with someone who’s recently traveled to certain parts of China.

There’s no need to worry about the 2019 coronavirus if you haven’t recently traveled to China or been in contact with someone who’s been diagnosed with the virus.

Let’s bust some myths. Read on to learn how this coronavirus is spread, how it’s similar and different from other coronaviruses, and how to prevent spreading it to others if you suspect you’ve caught this virus.

Information on the new coronavirus is coming out rapidly. Accuracy of the following information is subject to change

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