Mrs. Olufunmilayo Adelegan, the beautiful wife of my dearest and wonderful egbon, Mr. Femi Adelegan, is 60 today. I cannot but say Halleluyah!
I also cannot but promptly recall that whenever I want to play some pranks and do what Yoruba call “arinfin” (crack some crude jokes), I’d call her Afumeh. Don’t mind me jare; she’s my big sis and mummy ooo.

It amazes me that I came in contact with this beautiful woman well over 20 years ago (how time flies!), through her husband, Mr. Femi Adelegan, during which period he was the Chief Press Secretary to three Military Administrators at different times in Osun State.
Since then, we have remained close, very close. Her brilliant husband, Femi, fondly called Elder Statesman, is ever service-driven. In fact, he is an unsung hero who has done great things, behind the scene, for the upliftment of Osun State and Nigeria as a whole. This, in any case, is a story for another day.

Like husband, like wife; the couple detests undue attention. They are simply self-effacing.
A sampler: Ten years ago, when Funmi celebrated her 50th birthday, she chose to do it in an unusual way. Instead of rolling out drums, like many are wont to do in our society today, she chose to do it quietly in the company of just three other people – her late mother, Mrs. Carew, her junior sister, Bukky Akinyooye and Mrs. Sola Oladeji. In the company of these people, she berthed at charity homes where she distributed gifts to inmates and celebrated the day with them.

Our birthday ‘girl’ who hits the Diamond Age, today, is reticent and easy-going; she is goodly natured, generous, kind-hearted, gracious, polite and above all, never jokes with Kingdom matters as she serves God with all her being. This is well pronounced and too evident to those who know her.

The promptitude, with which she attends to other people’s needs baffles me; even as she loathes people being hard done by, under whatever guise.

Vividly, I can recollect, during my mother’s burial, her family did not only stand by me, she took charge of affairs, especially in ensuring that the needs of guests were adequately met.
For hours, she was on her toes, dishing out instructions and personally serving foods to guests. This gesture has remained ingrained in my memory. God bless you, Ma.

A doting wife and mother, wherever she is, this ever-good looking woman, will make sure she gets in touch with her husband, a gesture he too reciprocates.Chaii!! Dem too dey call each other on phone oo like young boy and girl wey just love. This is still the common practice of these lovebirds; they are very faithful, strongly and tightly connected to each other.

Afumeh, while congratulating you on this auspicious occasion, I pray, on behalf of my family, that the remainders of your years on earth shall be meaningfully spent to God’s glory.
Meanwhile, until you reach over 100 years of age , I go still dey wack those lovely delicacies you normally prepare for me whenever you see me oo.
Let’s cling glasses.
Congratulations, Afumeh.

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