The High Commission of Nigeria in Pretoria Ambassador Kabiru Bala has  viewed with grest concern the
ongoing loss of lives, arson and looting of properties in some parts of Gauteng
Province of South Africa.

A signed statement by him reads:

“2. Some of the victims of the anarchy are Nigerians and other Africans.
3. The High Commission and the Consulate in Pretoria and Johannesburg
are compiling the list of ail the Nigerian victims of the current anarchy for
engagement with the South African government and other stakeholders for
succor. In this regard, all Nigerian victims of the current attacks are requested
to come forward to report their situation to the High Commission and the
4. The two Missions will continue to be home to all Nigerians in this trying
times and in the future. Since the outbreak of the attacks last week, the two
Missions have remained open and continued to render normal services to
Nigerians and other customers without hindrance.
S. We appeal to all Nigerians to remain calm and avoId any precipitate
action that may jeopardise the ardours task of engaging the South African
government through diplomatic channels to bring the situation under control
and to restore normalcy.
6. The two Missions are currently working alongside all relevant authorities
in South Africa including the police to address the unfortunate situation.
Furthermore, concerted efforts are ongoing for the upcoming State Visit
to South Africa by President Muhammadu Buhan which will substantially
address at Summit level, all the existing concerns in the consular relations
between the two countries.
8. Xenophoblc attacks are unacceptable anywhere around the world and
especially in a country that has Africa in its official name; whose national
anthem is God Bless Africa; whose ruling party Is the African National
Congress and whose national events starts with the African Union anthem.
9. All hands must be on deck to find amicable and mutually acceptable
ways to arrest the unfortunate situation in South Africa and put an end to the
violence against foreign nationals.

3° SEPTEMBER. 2019

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