The King of them all in my opinion-Fareed Zakaria- Indian American made News today!

The Global Public Square talk show of Fareed Zakaria on CNN is never what the loose cannon in the White House has called it because he has been describing all of the King Pin of the American Free Press led by the same CNN, the MSNBC and the Print Media led by New York Times and the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times as Fake News which they are not!

The whole development is nothing short of Insanity for America and the beginnings of Dictatorship and Authoritarian Regime in the country the whole world has come to recognize and respect as the Leader of the Free World.

Not any more I might add. The whole world is going to lose America to the Communist ideology if nothing is done to check the excesses and the insanity of the current American President.

The warning is not coming from me a gad fly but from two of the best American Secretaries of State of all times minus Professor Henry Kissinger.

I am talking of General Colin Powell and the first American female Secretary of State, former Harvard Professor Madeleine Albright the daughter of a Holocaust Survival who has worked her way to the top in America as Secretary of State to President Bill Clinton.

America under the current President is fast moving to a stage when the American President while inspecting a huge Military Parade like the one recently inspected by President Xi of China would speak like President Xi when he issued a one sentence greeting “Hello Comrades” and the Parade had replied in unison “Hello Leader”.

General Colin Powell had told Fareed and his audience in that Auditorium that is exactly where America is headed under the current President.

It was simply unbelievable but the General spoke the truth and nothing but the truth and the same truth was echoed and encored by Madeleine Albright in flawless and lucid language.

Colin went a step further. That is when “We The People” Is going to be replaced with “ Me the President” as the foundation pillar of American Constitutional Democracy as envisaged by the founding fathers and the framers of the American Constitution which some have scholars and pundits have described as the 8th Wonder of the World and rightly so if you can believe it.

That would be the day Americans would suddenly realize they have coronated their own moral equivalency of King Louis the VIV of France when he proclaimed himself as the Law and the State and when he said and I quote “L’Etat c’est Moi”

I am only summarizing in a nutshell what came out from the mouths of Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright today September 6 at 10 AM at an interview of the two top Diplomats of America by the one and only Fareed Zakaria another amazing product of Harvard and one of the greatest television reporters of all times in the whole world left to me alone.

I am only reporting what I heard and what I know as a Historian and as a great fan and student of two or three American Presidential Historians in Jon Meacham, Mike Beschloss and Doris Goodwin to mention a few.

I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.

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