Where Falae Differs From VP’s Position On Restructuring–Akintide

Olu Falae

The submission by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo that the management of Nigerian Resources and not Restructure is the major problem of Nigeria is what is on my mind as I craft this statement for all and sundry to consider.

I compare his position with the central thesis of Chief Oluyemi Falae’s book published in 2005 titled,”The way forward for Nigeria” where the Chief completely demolished the submission of his junior boy at Igbobi College, Lagos who happens to be the current Vice President of Nigeria and a Professor of Law and a senior Advocate of Nigeria.

Chief Falae, a product of Yale University and a retired Federal Permanent Secretary and former Secretary to Government and Minister of Finance has written a submission on Restructure that nobody in his right senses in Nigeria should sweep under the rug because it is a sound as any submission I have seen on the subject.

I humbly urge the Vice President to go read and digest the very sound deposition of Chief Falae written in lucid and flawless language.

Chief Falae simply argued that Restructure simply means that Nigeria has to return back to the mandates of the Nigerian 1959 Constitution which insist on regional autonomy for each of the three regions of Nigeria by allowing each region to move at its own pace and to manage all its resources while ploughing back to the Federal Government a fixed percentage of its internally generated revenues.

It was a Constitution agreed to by the three Premiers namely Sardauna Bello, Ogbuefi Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo as the condition for Nigerian to remain one country after Independence.

It was the Military Coup that occurred on January 15 and the retaliatory coup that occurred on July 29 the same year that upset the Apple cart.

Sani Abacha and Abdulsalam Abubakar and the Military Establishment in Nigeria simply added the Coup de grace by crafting the 1999 obnoxious Constitution which was never debated or or ratified by Nigerians.

Definitely our 3 founding fathers would never have accepted what the Military arbitrarily did to impose a Unitary Government at the center which has forced all the states to start ploughing back 100 per cent of their resources back to the Federal Government and not just a percentage of it while the Federal Government would now be the one to administer all of the funds based on its own whim and caprices.

That was where Nigeria missed the road. It was a wrong decision that Nigeria must have the courage to correct thru a complete Restructure.
Nothing more nothing less.

The APC Federal Government is decidedly wrong to oppose the move and that could spell its Waterloo or doom in 2019 if it refuses to budge.

It is a prediction !

Restructure simply means returning Nigeria to the position it was in 1959 when each region took care of itself and moved at its own pace without being taken to ransom and enslaved by any one geo-political zone or a combination of them.

That is the issue at stake for Nigeria. Vice President Osinbajo should go read and digest the central thesis of the book written by Oluyemi Falae, the leader of the Yoruba Delegation to the National Confab organized by President Goodluck Jonathan simply who lacked the courage and the wisdom to implement the Recommendations of the National Conference on which millions of Naira was spent and wasted.

Most Nigerians would side with Chief Falae if they compare his stand with that of Osinbajo. Obafemi Awolowo the grandfather of Osinbajo’s wife would never have supported Osinbajo.

That much I know as somebody close to Awolowo when I served under him in the Federal Ministry of Finance.

I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.